We’ve taken the very best raw materials Nature provides and matched them with 115 years of craftmanship and ecologically sustainable bedding innovation.  The result?  Happier, healthier sleep for you under the most luxurious Merino lambswool bedding in the world.



In the high pastures of the Pyrénées, an exclusive flock of free-range Merino sheep roam happily.  Only this specific cross-breed of Merinos provide the superior lambswool required for Ciora Scotland’s luxury bedding range, and only the very finest, softest wool shorn from the shoulder, neck and throat of these amazing sheep are used to fill our luxurious duvets and pillows.

Our luxury Merino wool bedding is traditionally made for us in Austria by a 4th generation family business who use natural resources and renewable raw materials from sustainable cultivation and farming to make superior, ecologically sustainable bedding.

They're the only bedding manufacturer in the world who have kept the entire production process - from design, to raw materials to finished products - entirely in-house.

Their craftsmen and women spin the yarns, weave the fine fabric covers and hand-fill and hand-quilt each and every duvet and pillow, enabling them to maintain the consistently superior quality of their products.

Our covers - 100% Oeko-Tex certified fine woven Cotton Sateen, infused with Aloe Vera for it’s skin soothing, antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties - are hand-filled with up to 25 layers of fluffy, gauzy, blown Merino wool, then quilted in a unique body-fit pattern designed to drape and cocoon you perfectly.

A wide, filled border encloses the sleeping surface and prevents draughts. Over 6,000 individually secured stitches, and the hand-sewn edge binding, ensure that the filling is held evenly.

A Ciora Merino wool duvet will keep it’s fluffy volume and shape through many years of use. 



It's lighter, softer, more breathable and warmer than British wool varieties, Cashmere, Down, Feather and synthetic fibres 

Nature's very own high-performance material, our Merino’s highly-crimped structure traps more air pockets than other wools, and it’s unique hygroscopic properties mean in warm conditions it absorbs moisture from your body and evaporates it externally to keep you cool and dry, while in cold conditions, moisture is condensed within the fibres and released as heat, keeping you warm and dry.

 Put simply, our Merino creates a stable micro-climate in bed – perfecty adapted to your individual temperature and environmental needs, even when sleeping with a partner.

Fights over the duvet or bedroom temperature will be a thing of the past - our Merino duvets are a gamechanger whether you’re a cold cookie, a sweaty Betty (or Bob!), or you suffer night sweats/flushes.

It's antimicrobial, dust-mite repellent, mould, bacteria and mildew resistant, odour-inhibiting and naturally fire retardant

Our Merino wool bedding is the perfect choice for asthma and allergy sufferers and those prone to eczema and other skin conditions.  It can be safely used for babies and children from birth.

It's also MACHINE WASHABLE thanks to a special, chemical-free finishing process (most washable bedding is treated with chlorine, silicone and other chemicals - ours isn't).

It's sustainable, renewable and 100% biodegradable

 Merino sheep produce a brand new fleece every year, so as a material source it’s completely renewable and sustainable.

Even better - because Nature’s a genius, after all - our Merino wool and Oeko-Tex cotton are 100% biodegradable in as little as a few months. 

Like a slow-release fertiliser, they return essential elements to the soil as it naturally decomposes, including nitrogen, sulphur and magnesium.  As wool is 50% composed of organic carbon, this too is returned to the environment as it biodegrades.



Our All-Season duvets are filled with 430gsm of pure Merino Lambswool and are equivalent to 7-12 Tog.  However, their temperature-regulating properties mean you'll enjoy year-round comfort, no matter the climate.  Unlike other duvets, they'll transition easily through most British seasons, so you won't have to swap them as the temperature changes.