Icelandic Natural Sheepskin - Unique Colour Pattern (05)


  • Icelandic Natural Sheepskin - Unique Colour Pattern (05)
  • Icelandic Natural Sheepskin - Unique Colour Pattern (05)
  • Icelandic Natural Sheepskin - Unique Colour Pattern (05)

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Unique, undyed Icelandic sheepskin with natural colour pattern, as shown in the photos - this gorgeous white fleece with silver and graphite undertones and flashes is the specific one you will receive.

Natural greys are the rarest natural Icelandic Sheepskin colour group - only around 10% are born with this genetic colour variation, making them highly sought after.

DIMENSIONS: 115cm Long x 66cm Wide (see measurement diagram).

Ciora's rare Icelandic Sheepskins are Eco-tanned using traditional methods, for the softest of hides and silky, glossy fleeces.  Icelandic pelts are long and dense, with natural soft waves.  Equally stunning draped over a favourite chair or on the floor.

Our stocks of unique Icelandics are always limited, and once each one-off sheepskin has gone, it's gone for good!

  • Whole Icelandic Sheepskin (not pieced or stitched), from sustainably managed flocks
  • Eco-tanned using traditional methods which meet EU Directives on Environmental Protection
  • Free from harmful Chromium VI tanning agents
  • Hypoallergenic, antibacterial & non-itchy - safe for sensitive and fragile skin
  • Easy to care for - care instructions included, and here
  • All Ciora sheepskins are from sustainable, mulesing-free flocks, and are only ever by-products of food production
  • Fleece length approx 10-20cm across pelt
  • Always honest, clear sizing (see how we measure here) & dimensions.

This primitive breed are born free and roam wild, and their unique double-layered pelts have adapted over centuries to protect them from the harsh climate in the rugged Icelandic landscape. The long, strong outer ‘tog’ fibres repel water, while the fine, downy, supersoft inner ‘thel’ fibres give warmth and insulation.

Colour Note:  all of our sheepskins are photographed in natural daylight to give the most accurate colour representation possible - please note though that colour representation will vary depending on your viewing device.

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