Small Votive Candle - Spruce and Fir


  • Small Votive Candle - Spruce and Fir
  • Small Votive Candle - Spruce and Fir
  • Small Votive Candle - Spruce and Fir

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Forest Bathing ('Shinrin Yoku' to the Japanese): spending mindful time immersing yourself in forest or woodland environments as a health-giving practice.  Inhaling the wood and sap scents, listening to nature and focusing on the light and colours of the tree canopy.  Blissful, and clinically proven to be good for physical and mental health.

Sadly we can't take you out for a walk ourselves, and our birdsong imitations leave a little to be desired - but light up this wonderful offering from Skye Candles and you can enjoy some Shinrin Yoku without leaving the sofa!

Spruce and Fir perfectly captures the uplifting, fresh, resinous scent of these beautiful evergreens.  Essential oil of Spruce is known for its calming and uplifting properties, and blended here with Fir and base notes of woody Vetiver, the resulting aroma will revitalise tired minds and ease body tension.  Their antibacterial properties make this a particularly therapeutic choice for cleansing the atmosphere at home when winter bugs are doing the rounds too.

  • Scent notes: Essential Oils of Spruce, Fir, Vetiver
  • Scent family:  Woody, Resinous

  • Hand-poured on the Isle of Skye, on Scotland's North West coast.

  • 100% biodegradable Soy wax, from ethical, sustainable sources, natural fragrance oils and bespoke linen wicks for a consistent, lower burn temperature and no nasty toxins – better for the environment and you.

  • Vegan and cruelty free, naturally.

  • Recycled, reuseable clear glass tumbler.

  • Small Votive Candle – up to 20 hours burn time.


Majestic Christmas tree in your home or a summer stroll in the woods?  You decide!

The small votives are perfect stocking filler size or an excellent addition to any of our gift box bundles.  They're also a wonderful way of exploring multiple scents before finding your favourite! They may be only little, but they pack a punch with around 20 hours burn time and decadent aromas powerful enough to fragrance a small room or perfect for desk or travel. Once your candle is finished, the recycled glass tumbler can be washed out with soapy water and endlessly re-purposed.

* Small Votives do not come boxed;  they are wrapped in branded tissue paper.

CLICK HERE for Candle Care & Safety Guide

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